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I am an artist inspired by the rich imagery that the landscape can provide us with… The prints and paintings focus on atmospheric and evocative imagery, which will hopefully trigger an emotional response with you the viewer.

The images you see here are from references gathered together from a multitude of visual experiences. Photographs, sketches and memory, so not a specific point or subject in the landscape. It’s more a feeling made from numerous observations and reflections, then transferred onto the paper…

Having graduated with a Fine Art Degree in Printmaking from West Surrey College of Art in Farnham, which is now part of the University for the Creative Arts, I have only just recently tried to re-establish my connection between art and the landscape, through paintings and prints.
Working mostly in acrylics, I find myself overlaying several colours, with some areas often making similar textures and marks that are achieved in etching processes and oil painting. It’s this use of colour, texture and form, that helps to create the ‘sense of place’ that I’m searching for.

Thank you for visiting my website, and hope you enjoy looking at the work. Please get in touch if you would like to know more… or return to the gallery page to view the images.

Martin Allan Artist & Printmaker

Signature Martin Allan Printmaker Artist Landscape
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